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The Purpose of VSBN

A Note To Our Supporters 

  There are so many people that have helped VSBN succeed and get us to where we are today, beginning with our sponsors. Sponsoring with VSBN is more than just a financial exchange. Our business partners are like family members with similar values and goals when it comes to our local community! When we do well, they do well and vice versa. If you would like to become a VSBN supporter contact us today at

  Next are the people who listen to our broadcasts, support us on social media, and reach out with messages and words of support. Most of you are parents of the student athletes and/or fans of your local school and their athletic programs. Your encouragement not only of us but of the kids make high school sports so special. You all mean more to us than we can ever express. Thank you. 

  Finally the coaches, players, and members of the school that keep things running smoothly for all of your athletic programs. Thank you for giving us a product to relay to the family members and fans who can't be there. You all are a huge reason for VSBN having the ability to do what we do. Keep up the good work. 

   Thank you so much to all of the people that support us in a various number of ways. Because of you we get to do what we love and bring joy to the grandparents that live across the US and can't be here and to the alumni spread across the world. We have been listened to in over half of the 50 states and over 10 countries all over the world. We will keep working hard to grow and be able to bring even more action from our area to more and more people. 


          Cory Durbin